Owners statement

An Owner Statement is a comprehensive financial record delivered monthly, detailing all financial activities concerning your rental property. To access your personalized Owner Statement, please input your phone number below.

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What is included in owners statement?

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Owner Statement
Profit & Loss

The Owner Statement shows your rental property's financial health. It tracks income, including rent and extra fees, and expenses such as repairs and taxes. This record helps calculate net income, offering an essential snapshot of your property's financial status.

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Repairs & Maintenance

Includes an account of all repairs and maintenance, detailing the work done, completion dates, and costs. This data aids in property upkeep, budgeting for future work, and claiming relevant tax deductions.

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Rent Roll

Their lease terms, rent, and payments - as well as updates on vacant properties, including marketing efforts and upkeep costs. This data is key to understanding and improving your property's rental performance.

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Balance Due
Delinquent Tenants

Details of delinquent tenants, including overdue rent amounts and the steps taken towards resolution. This helps you stay informed about payment issues and enforce lease agreements effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Owner distributions are typically disbursed on the 12th and the last business day of the month. If the 12th falls on a weekend or a holiday, the distributions will be made on the next business day. Please note that the actual receipt of the funds may depend on your bank's processing times. We use direct deposit (ACH) to make distributions to our property owners. This is the fastest and most efficient method of payment. You should expect to see the funds in your account within 1-2 business days from the disbursement date.

If you haven't yet set up direct deposit, we encourage you to do so. In the meantime, we will mail checks to your address on file, which may take additional time to reach you.
Monthly owner statements are generated and sent out on the 15th of each month. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, you can expect to receive your statement on the next business day. These statements provide a detailed record of all the income and expenses associated with your property for the previous month.

If you've opted for email delivery, please make sure to check your spam or junk mail folder if you haven't received it by the 15th. For those who prefer paper statements, these are mailed out on the 15th and delivery time will depend on the postal service.
If you have any questions about your monthly statement, please reach out to our accounting department via phone or email during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm). They can provide detailed explanations for all income and expenses listed in the report.

You can also submit your questions through our online owner portal. We aim to respond to all inquiries within one business day. For a broader discussion about your property's financial performance, we recommend scheduling a meeting with your property manager.